the artficial leadership team

Barbara Dal Corso
Co-founder and CEO

Barbara Dal Corso is a media-executive, television producer, and cultural event orchestrator with deep experience in the arts. Her understanding of cultural rights management led to the founding of artficial with co-founder Giorgio Gori.

As CEO, Dal Corso is responsible for artificial’s strategic and artistic direction, market development, creative and licensing partnerships, and the development and promotion of the artificial brand experience. 

In collaboration with the Municipality of Rome, she produced and developed the first video guide of the City of Rome on Apple and Sony PSP platforms.

As a television producer she developed and launched a series of television programs for Rai, Mediaset, and TMC networks, with numerous awards including a Golden Telegatto for Art in Television for the program "Grandi Mostre Live" (Rai 1). She was also the producer and author of "Arthea: the new language of Art" - 52 episodes on Rai 3, in collaboration with FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano).

Dal Corso also created and produced numerous major cultural events: from 1993 to 2000-Partita del Cuore, Italian National Singers; from 1996 to 2000 concert events by Luciano Pavarotti; 1995 - Celebration at the Sala Nervi in ​​the Vatican of the commemorative concert event for the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Giorgio Gori
Co-founder and CTO

Giorgio Gori is a physicist and co-founder of artficial. He is the visionary behind the artficial platform™ and rights-based artficial database™.

As CTO of artficial, Gori is involved in the assessment and development of all technical partnerships and future collaborative projects. He works to identify new technologies and partners which are part of the roadmap for the future of the artficial platform.

He is also involved in operational and business-model decision-making on an ongoing basis. He is responsible for artficial’s production facilities, operational supervision and training of production staff, and the director of digital operations and e-commerce.

In 2019 he founded the non-profit Forma Rei, with the mission of bringing educational laboratories and artistic representations to the cultural sites capable of telling the best of new technologies applied to Cultural Heritage.

Forma Rei has currently set up a digital-twin project at the Palazzo Reale in Palermo, welcoming thousands of visitors each year.

Previously, as a high-school student, Gori designed and managed the development of a video-platform for art tourism – still in use by cultural institutions in Italy.

Twene Kwabena
Director of Manufacturing

An immigrant from Ghana, Twene Kwabena escaped the hardships of his home town by running away across the Sahara and finding his way to Italy at 16. His ambition to focus on education and learning led him to a degree as an electrical operator, and ultimately a job with artficial.

Through sheer hard work and dedication, he became our Director of Manufacturing and is now in charge of production across all our manufacturing facilities.

He is responsible for operations and capacity management, production and logistics. He also leads our training and development programs for new employees in our manufacturing facilities.

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